Aurora Fra Bergen, or, IBSANITY

Aurora fra Bergen, or, IBSANITY is a contemporary, queer, absurd riff on Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea by Nina Morrison. Nina's hilarious take on this rarely produced Ibsen drama questions our modern conventions of love and marriage. How do you choose between stability and passion? How do you recover from an all-consuming heartbreak, especially when you have to go to work the next day? 

IBSANITY had a workshop production at the University of Iowa, and the Fordham University production is the New York premiere. Performed by an incredibly talented ensemble of students and supported by a professional design team, this production is 72 minutes of absurd comedy, with a meta-theatrical flair and deep heart.


Aurora fra Bergen, or, IBSANITY

Fordham University
Pope Auditorium (Lincoln Center Campus)
February 22 - March 2, 2018

Written by Nina Morrison
Directed by Sarah Elizabeth Wansley

Scenic Design by Joey Mendoza
Costume Design by Janet O'Neil
Lighting Design by Michael O'Conner
Sound Design by Emily Aucellio
Stage Managed by Jen Leary

Production photos by Joey Mendoza