Spring Projects 2017

I greatly enjoyed reuniting with my collaborator from UCSD Kristin Idaszak for a reading of her new play STRANGE HEART BEATING earlier this month. Kristin and I have two new projects in the works. Later this spring we hope to workshop her meta-theatrical adaptation of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle, ANOTHER JUNGLE. We are also beginning a research process for a new play with music, HEART / LAND, exploring Willa Cather's prairie novel, My Antonia, and stories of contemporary immigrants in America's heartland. 

I'm also directing the thesis of Columbia MFA playwright Stephen Foglia, OUTER BANKS at Signature Theater April 19-22. We are workshopping the play mid-February and head into rehearsals in mid-March. 

Here is a blurb about the play: One sunny afternoon on a North Carolina beach, Junie’s twin sister disappeared without a trace.  Two years later, no sign of the missing woman has surfaced, and Junie’s family has decided it is time to say goodbye.  But Junie may not be ready.  She begins to receive mysterious messages that might just be coming from her sister.  By the brackish waters of the Neuse River, the borders between worlds grow porous, and death’s door opens.