Every man is an abyss. At the age of 23, Georg Büchner begins a haunting new play based on a real murder in the German countryside, but dies before he can finish the script. Our production of the first modern drama, WOYZECK, begins with Woyzeck's murder of Marie, focusing the story on one man’s struggle between love and betrayal, reality and dream.  This new translation/adaptation of WOYZECK by Sarah Elizabeth Wansley features original music by David Marenberg and physical work devised by the ensemble. 

By Georg Buchner
Translated / Adapted / Directed by Sarah Elizabeth Wansley 
Original Music by David Marenberg
Acces Theater (Aporia Theater)
May 2012

Scenic Design by Liz Blessing
Costume Design by Bridget Gavlin
Lighting Design by Carl Wiemann 
Sound Design by Ben Kamine
Music Direction by Tommy Crawford

All photos by Dan Applegate